Member Facility Update

Update 6.4.2020


Most Commonly Asked Questions F.A.Q Information Sheet

Pocono Family YMCA Facility Update 6.3.2020
Dear Valued Pocono Community & Y Member,
We're thinking of you and everyone in the Pocono Family YMCA community during this challenging period for our facility, our communities, and the world. I hope you and your family remain healthy and safe.
Although our doors have been closed for two months now, we're doing what we can to stay connected and making plans to reopen soon.
Below is what your Pocono Family YMCA has been up to while closed to the public.
Summer Care-
With the school year coming to an end, we have been humbly focusing on the Summer. We are working on our plans to open our Summer Care program. Safety is our top priority. We will be taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our kids, team & community. We are looking to open on June 8th.
*This may be subject to change.*
Voting Poll Location
We hosted the voting poll at the Pocono Family YMCA for the June 2nd 2020 Primary Election.
Bedtime Stories To Our Students-
Each week, our teachers from our childcare program are reading bedtime stories to our students and alumni. We have read over two dozen books in just this short time.
Importance of reading:
  • When you read to your child regularly, they will enjoy stories and enjoy reading. When a genuine love of stories and books develops, children become readers.
  • Your child will also begin to understand empathy, as stories let you understand the world through someone else's experience. Children learn more about the world, themselves, and people different than them in the process. In the end, your child will have an edge. They will learn faster boosting their intellect, vocabulary, and understanding of the people and things.
  • Furthermore, numerous studies have shown that preschool children who get exposed to reading and writing at an early age tend to perform exceptionally in school.
  • The reason behind this is simple. If a student struggles to put words and sentences together because they were introduced to reading and writing late, they will obviously have problems grasping math, science as well as social concepts.
  • Your child also gains concentration and focus through reading. When your child learns how to avoid distractions at a very young age, they can concentrate in school and even develop better memory retention. Reading to your child gives them an advantage when they start school.
Emergency Overflow Facility-
While The Pocono Family YMCA is closed, we have offered our facility as an emergency overflow for our local hospitals. We also offered our parking lot to our local homeless organizations as a picnic area storage for portlet.
Essential Worker Childcare-
We offered childcare to our local hospitals.
Together we are better and stronger community.
Food Drive-
The Pocono Family YMCA is partnering with & our local food pantries to help feed our community. You can drop off non perishable goods in our bin located outside the front door of the main entrance at any time.
No appointments needed!
Workout from home-
We have various Fitness On Demand Platforms for keep you moving while we wait for the green light to reopen our doors. If you have not already, check out these platforms: 
Silver Sneakers & Silver & Fit Classes-  Click Here
Senior Outreach-
We have been in touch with our Seniors regularly formally and informally to check in and make sure that our members are safe and healthy. We are offering access to information and resources our local community is offering to help those that are in need. Our Seniors are a huge part of our community and our Pocono Family YMCA and are often over looked especially in hard times.
Swim Team Online training & Team Building-
Our Swim Coach and Aquatics Director has been hard at work providing At Home Workouts, on going personal and professional development for the team as well as inviting special speakers to present to the team and coaches.
Daily Kids Activities & Kids Corner Weekly Newsletter-
Each week we release a new Kids Corner Newsletter with activities, recipes, and virtual tours to try out with your kids. We also send out daily tips, links, and reading of favorite children's books.
Community Outreach-
We partnered with the Red Cross and hosted a Blood Drive on Wednesday, May 20th. This was by appointment only. All appointments were booked and they had a wonderful turn out.
Providing Aid To Our Staff-
We are kind of partial but we have the best team around! These are uncertain times and we want to make sure we can do everything we can to help. Not only are we helping the community but also the team members that help our community.
Can I still donate to the Y? Donate Here
Yes. You can head to our website to donate or you can send a check to the Pocono Family YMCA to 809 Main Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360. Our priority is assisting families in need that need subsidizing for their children to attend summer care.
*All information given may change at any time for the safety of our members*
Check out the message from your local Pennsylvania YMCA's and see if you can recognize anyone from our Y
Thank you for your continued support and we can not wait to see you. Stay safe!
-Your Pocono Family YMCA Team