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Aquatic Exercise Classes

These classes are an excellent way to work out and put little to no strain on your joints.  Effective use of the water's natural resistance helps to improve the cardiovascular fitness and sculpt our muscles.  Children under 14 years of age are not permitted to attend these classes.  These classes are free to Y members, non-members need to purchase a guest pass.

Y Water Stretch and Tone - Shallow water workout with challenging cardiovascular exercise (moderate to low impact), as well as strength and toning training.

H20 Fitness - Start with 35 minutes of deep water cardiovascular exercise and end with 10-15 minutes of gentle strengthening and flexibility moves.  * May participate in shallow end if you chose.

Making Waves with Laura - An intense and refreshing shallow water workout that strengthens the cardiovascular and conditions the whole body.  30-35 minutes of aerobic conditioning and 5-10 minutes of resistance and flexibility training. 

Brunch Bunch - Meet with your peers in the pool to walk and talk.  Not an instructor led class.